Obama Spent Millions On Legal Fees

Barack Obama was not a bright spot for our nation. There were many times in our nation’s history where or citizens were totally embarrassed by what this man did. And unfortunately we are learning more and more about the things that happen under Obama. Trump has made it a priority to start looking into the Obama administration and what they did wrong. But in this, they have found criminal things that Obama did. And some things that are just plain wrong.

It has just been found out that Obama spent millions on trying to hide things from the press. Over $32 million to be exact and that is just the beginning. Transparency was not a bright spot for the Obama administration. For the most part, they worked in the dark. They only brought Americans into the mix when it was something good they were announcing.

Obama paid off the media outlets in order to hide what he was doing. This is coming from the administration that used to claim to have total transparency. What a joke that is. And this is only the beginning, folks. We should expect to see more like this coming in the future. Obama was never a man of his word. He would do anything to keep his o,age perfect and this news shows that.

Why did the Obama administration feel the need to spend so much money on legal fees? Well, there could be many reasons involved but no one knows exactly what is happening in this situation. But one thing does seem rather certain and that is Obama was hiding something within his administration. He wanted the opposite of transparency. If someone came to him asking for some information on his administration he would pay them off and turn them away. This is the perfect reason why President Donald Trump needs to continue to work towards finding out what went on under Obama.

For 8 years Americans were being lied to about what was happening within the White House. Those days are long gone. Under Trump, we will be seeing transparency like never before and the liberals do not like it.

(h/t Washington Times)