President Trump: The Border Wall Could Be Made Of Solar Panels

President Donald and First Lady Melania were on their first official visit of Paris. The First Couple honored the French President Emmanuel Macron for the country’s greatest holiday. The two-day visit brought great success to our country, and President Trump is one step closer to building a stronger relationship with France. But, he did something else, too.

Something great happened during the President’s flight to Paris. He followed the tradition of other Presidents, and chatted with the press corps on Air Force One. This conversation was off record, but pieces of it were later released. You can’t even imagine the opportunity reporters had during their chatting with President Trump. Well, let’s just say that we can’t really see this side of the President on TV.

President Trump talked about China and North Korea most of the time. He said that it would be great if China helps the US to handle the problem with North Korea, but didn’t forget to mention that China had already been in war with Korea, which explains the pressure they have. He gave reporters a little history about the Chinese culture, adding that it’s 8,000 old, and America only has 1799. Hopefully, China will make a smart move, and we will see the further development of events, as President Trump said.

One of the reporters wanted to know if President Trump is serious about making the border wall with Mexico out of solar panels. President Trump said he wasn’t joking, assuring everyone that there is a great chance of constructing a solar panel. According to the President the southern border is the best place for such panel.

Well, President Trump has a few great ideas, and we can’t wait to see them turning into reality. Many thought that President Trump is joking about the solar panel, but that’s actually a good idea. Maybe Democrats will finally accept it, and stop bragging around.

What do you think about the President’s plan to make the border wall out of solar panels? How will this work? Do you think he will proceed with the plans regarding the wall?

(h/t BBC News)