United Nations Announces Big Change

It is no surprise that the United Nations is trying to work against the wishes of the citizens of the world. They simply do not care about what is really going on and are totally blinded by their liberal values. The organization has been making some very questionable decisions as of late and Americans are starting to take note. When will the liberals realize that Muslims do not own the world. Especially the parts of the world that they do not live in. Apparently the United Nations is confused on that too as they just announced something big regarding the Muslim immigrants that are currently pouring into Europe.

The United States has been having their own problems with Muslim migrants thinking that they can do whatever they want here. Just the other day we reported on a story where several young Muslim men raped a 5 year old girl from Idaho. The judge let them all off with no jail time. This is what we are seeing all over the country. But it is even worse and more widespread in Europe. The terrorist attacks happen on a daily basis and something had to be done.

But the United Nations simply does not care. They want to keep trying to make everyone get along. Well sometimes you just have to give up and this is one of those times. They have come out with a plan that could put replacement migration in place for many countries that have a declining population. In many European countries, the fertility rate is not high enough for their needs. That is why they want to start looking to other countries for help. If this seems far fetched to you, you are not alone.

This is a very out of the blue idea that has no basis to be done. There are many other possible solutions to this problem and this is really just another way to let more migrants into the countries in Europe and eventually, the United States. Hopefully they can quickly and intelligently figure out a plan that works for everyone and not just the liberals.

(h/t United Nations)