Another Suicide Body Found In Florida

Hillary Clinton has been trying to single-handedly destroy this country. We saw this as the email investigation opened up and it was obvious at what point she went to in order to hide her crimes. She cannot continue to get away with this stuff. She needs to be in prison and half the population of the United States agrees. But the email investigation is not the only thing that she has been in trouble for. She is surrounded by investigation after investigation and eventually the whole truth will come out. She cannot continue to make excuses for what she did. But nothing is worse than what she is trying to hide now.

There has been a Republican operative named Peter W. Smith found to have committed suicide. But the truth might be much deeper than that. We are starting to see what Hillary Clinton is capable of. There are many things that authorities are unsure of at this point. But Clinton knows what she is doing and is willing to hide just about anything from the American people. Look at what she did in Benghazi. This woman has been killing off American citizens ever since her husband was in office.

During the election, Hillary was violently talking about how she did not mishandle her emails and in no way did it on purpose. But if she is capable of having people close to her killed off, what else is she capable of. We already know that this woman is a liar. She is also a fraud. These “suicides” have been popping up a lot around Florida and the area and authorities are trying to find the answer. They could be looking in the wrong place. Hillary is a part of the liberal elites and can do just about anything she wants with little to no consequences. Just look at Barack Obama as an example.

Clinton was lucky that she had James Comey on her side because if not, we might have gotten some actual answers. This is bad. We need to start looking around for answers because this is unacceptable.

(h/t Arkanside)