Democrats Invest In Russian-Linked Company

Democrats have been too loud in their criticism against President Donald and his son Donald Jr. We all heard the story about the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections. The anti-Trumps also accused Donald Jr. of meeting with the Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya. But, there was something shady about these claims, and we will soon learn the truth. Guess who was caught colluding with Russians…

Remember how California tried to become a separate country? It didn’t follow the President’s order, and that’s not the worst thing Californians did. This time they were caught doing something bad, and we all hope that justice will find its way out. California liberals are still spreading hate, and they keep telling the fake story about the President’s friendship with Russians. Well, even the Russian president Vladimir Putin denied these claims, and said that President Trump never used the help of his government.

The Russian problem is too fragile to be handled, and Democrats are still insisting on the possibility that President Trump colluded with Russians. But, the California Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff was the only person who worked with Russia. Moreover, he invested thousands of dollars into a Russian-linked company.

Adam Schiff is one of the loudest anti-Trump Americans. He criticized the President in every occasion possible, but forgot to mention one little thing. Schiff invested over $16,000 into a Russian company. The Democrat invested into several Russian energy companies, including Gazprom. Do you know that the Russian government owns half of this company?

Schiff was the top Democrat who led the witch hunt against President Trump. He called for sanctions on Russia, and Hillary managed to sell 20% of our uranium to Russia. She got about $100 million and a nice donation for her foundation. Schiff called for these sanctions, but he was caught buying stocks in Russian companies, using the opportunity that their stocks dropped low.

Well, the congressman is only doing the regular Democrat job. He did the same thing as every other Democrat in the US.

What do you think about this? Do you think Adam Schiff hides something else? How will Democrats explain this? Will they try to excuse Schiff?

(h/t ABC News)