Former Miss USA Reveals Something About Trump

The liberal media do everything they can to make President Donald Trump look as evil as possible. They are trying to take his supporters from him and they are having a very hard time. All of the positives for Trump are totally ignored every single say by ever liberal media source. That is why you will not be seeing a story like this on the like of CNN or MSNBC. They don’t cover the news, they cover their version of the news which is completely blinded by their liberal values.

Former Miss USA from 2006, Tara Conner was having a hard time in life. She was almost stripped of her crown for drinking underage and testing positive for using cocaine. But a very familiar face stepped in and took over. Donald Trump knows all about firing people, but he also has a soft spot. He takes care of business when he has to but he also knows when people deserve a second chance. That is why he gave Conner another chance at living her life and taking advantage of her situation.

“Donald Trump had a choice. He could have fired me or he could have given me an opportunity to get help and thank God he chose to give me that opportunity because it was a huge step forward to the recovery movement,” she explained. “I believe he saw the good in me and had a deeper understanding of what I was dealing with, having lost a brother to alcoholism.”

“Ultimately, I feel as though every American should be afforded the same opportunity that I was given,” she went on. Addiction is a progressive disease, and substance misuse is the leading cause of death for those 50 and under.”

President Trump has shown himself to be a very good man when it comes down to it. He is known for taking a hard stance on issues but he also knows what he is doing when it comes to giving a second chance. We should be proud of what Trump did to help this girl get back on her feet again.

(h/t Daily Caller)