HIV-Infected Bananas Sold In The US?

You may not admit it, but HIV can easily turn into a plague. Although the government has provided the exact number of people infected with HIV, the real number is still a mystery. Statistics only includes the citizens who have made the proper testing. What about all those who aren’t even aware of their condition?

HIV is the worst thing that can happen to someone, and it’s hard to live with the knowledge that the virus lives inside you. Some patients even commit suicide, because scientists are still looking for the cure. But, something else caught everyone’s attention, and people are horrified.

We believe that you all remember the scandal in which HIV-infected oranges ended up in the markets. Well, the same thing happened now, and this time the virus was injected in bananas.

The latest reports reveal that the American market may be a target of anonymous groups. We still don’t know the severity of the problem, but officials have already warned citizens about the HIV-infected bananas.

At least eight children were diagnosed with HIV in March. They all bought their bananas at Tulsa, Oklahoma Walmart. Their mothers were the first to notice the strange symptoms, and each of the children showed signs of fatigue, chills, rashes, and canker sores. This is absolutely disturbing, and people are terrified about the consequences of the malicious actions.

Anna Aquavia wrote a shocking post on Facebook, and it sent chills down our spine. “This happened to my friends sister who lives in Nebraska but please share this and be aware. Someone is injecting blood into bananas. The hospital tested the banana and it is indeed blood. After researching on the Internet, apparently someone is injecting HIV positive blood into bananas and oranges,” wrote Aquavia.

Bananas from India have already been recalled, and officials believe that most of them are infected with the virus.

What do you think about this story? Have you ever seen anything similar at your market? Do you think the HIV-bananas are still sold in US grocery stores? Will officials manage to find a solution to this disturbing problem?

(h/t Snopes)