New Barack Obama Biography Out

Barack Obama was the 44th President of the United States. In a way, this man has done more to shape the United States than many of the presidents that came before him. But maybe not in the way that millions around the country had hoped. You see, conservatives, when Obama was elected, were optimistic in their thinking. Maybe, they thought, he will not turn out to be as bad as everyone thinks.

Unfortunately, their worst nightmare came true. He was worse and more. The difference between liberals and conservatives is really quite simple. Conservatives want what is best for this country. You can see that by their optimism on Obama. Liberals are waiting and wanting to see Donald Trump fail. One cares for their country, one does not. That is where a new Obama biography comes into play.

There are many things that we do not know about this man. His past is shady to put it nicely. As president, Obama never really did open up about what went on during his childhood and teenage years. This has caused many people to go looking for some details themselves. And they found some big ones that are largely missing from the Barack Obama that Americans have come to know.

There is a new biography titled “Rising Star” in which the author, Davif J. Garrow, goes into harrowing detail on Obama’s past. And more specifically, his love life. Former First Lady Michelle Obama was far from Barack’s first love. In fact, it has now been reported that Barack even proposed to a woman, years before Michelle was even around. If this surprises you, it surprised us too.

Sheila Miyoshi Jager is the woman who lost what would have been a presidential marriage. After living together in Chicago for a couple years, Barack finally asked the question. Not much is known as to what happened next, but we can probably fill in the blanks. This is not some lost speculation, either. Garrow has been around the block and knows what he is talking about.

Does this news surprise you at all?

(h/t The Guardian)