Obama Isn’t Wearing His Wedding Ring?

The Obamas are facing a major problem, and nobody thought that this would ever happen. The former first family seems to be having difficulties keeping their marriage. This comes as a surprise, because they did their best to assure everyone that their marriage is more than perfect. Well, this photo says the opposite.

Obama’s supporters went crazy after the latest photo of their idol set social networks on fire. Barack and Michelle were all over each other during his presidency, and now it seems like this was just a cover-up for their not-so-great marriage.

Remember how Obama tried to sneak into the United States through Alaska? The former president landed at an Alaska airport, and reporters caught something interesting. Obama wasn’t wearing his wedding ring!

Obama posed with a cute little baby, and people knew that he was just trying to cover up the fact that he tried to sneak in the country. But, where was his ring? The Alaska mom Jolene Jackinsky spotted the former president at the Anchorage International Airport. “Oh my God, it is Obama,” said Jackinsky. But, Twitter users said something else.

“He doesn’t wear his ring anymore and Michelle is never around hmmm,” wrote K.D. Cormican. Another user made the same remark, and some even claimed that their marriage is done. So, what’s the real truth?

We can only wait for Obama’s official announcement. But, we have already noticed that the former first lady is never around her beloved husband. Every marriage goes through a hard phase, but the Obamas made us believe that their marriage is ideal. Is there something more behind their masks? Who knows… One day we will find out the truth. Reporters will catch every detail of this story. But, Obama is their idol, so, they may try to hide the truth. This is something you don’t get to see every day, so there must be a good explanation behind the whole story.

What do you think about this? Do you think Obama and Michelle will ever divorce? Where was Obama’s wedding ring? Why didn’t he wear it?

(h/t The American Mirror)