Obama Is Worried About Malia’s Money

Barack Obama is out of the White House, but it seems like he isn’t ready to leave the world of politics. The former president has been trying really hard to bring Hillary Clinton in the White House, and even supported her during the campaign rallies. But, Democrats lost, and Obama has to find a way to cope with his biggest nightmare. The former president has been having a lot of problems lately, but his daughters are definitely his major concern.

Obama is being caught in the middle of so many scandals, but no investigation is worse than the article that revealed Malia’s net worth. He was super angry, because this article can put his daughter in a rather concerning situation.

Although Malia is just 18, she still finds a way to give her father a terrible headache. Now the former president is worried about all the people who may get close to Malia just to get her money. What money? Obama made us believe that his family is decent and modest, but it seems like he was hiding the real truth.

Obama made us fools, and wanted us to believe that he is standing with American workers. Well, if he considers himself as a decent person who cares for his family, why is he worried about Malia’s money? How can she have all those money if he was playing fair the whole time?

Malia and Sasha Obama went to the Sidwell Friends School in the capital. The president’s older daughter is now a graduate, and she plans to make a break before she goes to Harvard University.

Malia has already been part of the show biz. She was an intern at the Girls show, and was also included in the crew behind Halle Berry’s Extant.

Sources say that Barack Obama is now worth $12.2 million, but this is definitely the wrong number, because Obama earned much more than his regular presidential salary. Yes, this includes all the book royalties, investments, monetary awards and prizes. But, how will he protect his daughter’s money?

What do you think about this information? What will Obama do next?

(h/t Busines2Community)