Sasha Obama Partying Like Never Before

The Obama family just cannot seem to stay out of the spotlight for more than a few days at a time. There are things that are currently coming out about the Obama administration that sheds a very dark light on what he did as president. And the kind of man he is has rubbed off in a big way, on his youngest daughter Sasha Obama. They have all but forgotten about the young lady they used to call their daughter. Oh wait, she still is their daughter? Sorry, it just does not really seem like it considering they are never at home. They have been following President Donald Trump around the world, trying to find a good time to pounce. Obama is far from gone, ladies and gentlemen.

Michelle prides herself on raising some amazing young women. We can hear her talking about how amazingly mature and respectful her daughters are all the time. Again, this is yet another way for her to brag about her fame and fortune. But we have seen that the Obama daughters might not be as prefect as they seem. There have been photos taken recently of Sasha partying on a beach for her birthday.

She decided to go party instead of attending her father’s farewell address to the nation. Though we do not blame you for not wanting to go, you probably should have been there. There is something about the way the Obama family operates that just does not look good. You can tell by the way they compose themselves that they really do think they are better than any other American. Kind of ironic coming from the man that ran his campaign on “hope.”

Sasha Obama needs some help before she totally falls off the deep end. There is no reason for the way she has been reported to have acted and it is obvious she is turning into a entitled teenager that thinks everything should be handed to her. The worst part? Michelle Obama tries to make it seem like she was the one to raise her own kids when we all know that is not the case. She has plenty of hired help and you do not have to look far to see it.

(h/t Daily Mail)