Watters: Democrats Colluded With The Media

The nomination of Hillary Clinton was the worst thing Democrats have ever done. Although their candidate had no chances of winning, Democrats are still trying to find the right excuse for their loss. The 2016 presidential elections were their scariest nightmare, and Hillary will do whatever it takes to get over it. But, there are some things you didn’t know, and Hillary denies each of them.

Democrats were too confident about Hillary Clinton and her success at the presidential elections. They thought that Americans will buy any of their stuff, but truth is, Hillary’s campaign was the worst presidential campaign in US history. She made a couple of promises, but people knew that she is just trying to buy a few more votes. It was more than clear that Hillary would lose, but her friends didn’t want to accept it.

Today, Hillary blames everyone for her loss, including the former FBI Director James Comey. She believes that Comey’s statements destroyed her chance of winning the elections. However, we all know that Comey was probably helping Hillary to get out of the mess she created.

Something else caught everyone’s attention, and it involves the presidential debates. Jesse Watters has the perfect explanation for this, and he claims that Democrats colluded with the media in an effort to help Hillary cheat during the debates. Can you believe this?

We knew that someone is helping Hillary, otherwise she would never gain that much success during the presidential debates. Many people knew that Hillary knew all the questions, and now we knew her source.

The mainstream media was never too keen about having Donald Trump in the White House. They’ve been trying to undermine him since the very first moment he was inaugurated. The Trumps have been a constant target this whole time. None of this would have happened if Hillary Clinton won the presidential elections. The media would give their full support, and provide excellent coverage. So sad and unfair.

What do you think about this? Do you agree with Watters? How will Hillary Clinton react to this information?

(h/t TwitterNews USA)