Diana Orrick Apologizes For Her Tweet

People go crazy in several aspects. The worst thing of this whole story is that most Americans believe they can do politics, and even argue over their political views. President Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential elections in November, and it was the most scandalous election season ever. Nobody thought that things would go this far. Well, nobody thought that McCain would “die.” You get the point.

Republican National Committee member Diana Orrock of Nevada decided to apologize for using the word “Amen” after retweeting the article that was somehow associated with McCain’s death. This is creepy in so many levels, but Orrock decided to do the right thing. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. was the main subject of this article, and we believe that he was more than devastated to see the tiny little word at the end of Orrock’s tweet.

“My apologies to @SenJohnMcCain@NVGOP & @GOP. Today’s retweet was disrespectful. Sen. McCain is an American hero. I don’t wish anyone harm,” tweeted Diana Orrock.

The article was originally written by Caitlin Johnstone. She used it to pour out her hate for McCain, and this happened right after his surgery. Sen. McCain is already home, and he feels better. “Please Just F—ing Die Already,” read the headline of the article. Well, McCain may not be the best person in the world, but wishing someone’s death is wrong.

Orrock removed her tweet right away, but didn’t forget to explain that she isn’t a big fan of McCain and his foreign policy. “People are going to read things into things,” explained Orrock. Although Orrock didn’t want McCain to die, she sort of supports a few lines of Johnstone’s article.

The author of the article said that McCain “can die a proud, happy man. And he should. Like, yesterday.” According to Johnstone, McCain is a “murderous warmongering neocon” and an “evil man,” adding that he “supported every US military bloodbath in his obscenely long lifetime.” Strong words, if I may say.

What do you think about Johnstone’s article? Do you think she went a bit too far? How will McCain react to this?

(h/t CNN, Medium)