IRS Loses Lerner Emails

Barack Obama and his administration were into some very bad things. It is not completely certain what exactly went down under his leadership. There sure are a lot of unanswered questions. Something more needs to take place so that we can uncover whatever things he was hiding while in office. And there were a lot. Already, under President Donald Trump we have been making major strides in finding out the truth about our nation’s past 8 years. There were some criminal things going one and we just got our hands on one more, thanks to Judicial Watch, the conservative watchdog group.

As it turns out, Obama might have an email problem as well. We all know about the Hillary Clinton email fiasco. She was obviously way above her pay grade and got into some things she had no business getting into. But we did not know this news about Obama. Lois Lerner had a lot of say into who paid taxes and who didn’t. And apparently, the IRS has “lost” numerous emails from her over the years under the Obama administration. This is shocking news that we need to get to the bottom of. There is no excuse for this kind of abuse of power.

The IRS has long said that they have the emails in backup somewhere and that they would be released when they were found. But now they have come out saying that the emails are flat out missing and that there is no hope in finding them. That is not what we wanted to hear and this made many people very angry. This cannot be tolerated from a government agency and is there for the people. Apparently, when Democrats “lose” something, it means they don’t want anyone to find it so they delete it. That is what has been happening a lot recently.

This looks awfully similar to the whole Hillary investigation, in which she misplaced (in her words) thousands of classified emails on her private email server. We need to get to the bottom of this before they get away with it for good.

(h/t Judicial Watch)