Ivanka Posts Picture With Daughter

Ivanka Trump has been doing a great job of getting involved in her father’s White House. Despite all of the hate that surrounds her beautiful family, she is working hard for Americans that do not have a voice. She does not care if they are democrats or republicans. She just wants to help. That’s why it is so sad to see her struggling with all of the hate that has taken over the media recently. The liberal media has been spreading lies about the Trump family and what they are trying to do. This has not gotten in Ivanka’s way as she continues to be an amazing adviser to her father, mother to her children and wife to her husband. And that is what everyone is talking about right now

Ivanka is big on social media and takes the advantage of having millions of followers and uses it for good. She is a fantastic mother and we see that on a daily basis. Many moms of her stature would hire help and let them take care of the children. No Ivanka. In fact, she goes out of her way to make sure that her kids are cared for in the best way. As per the photo she just posted.

It was her daughter, Arabella’s birthday recently and Ivanka posted a photo of the two eating a noodle Lady and the Tramp syle. In Chinese tradition, a long noodle means a long life, hence the photo. Ivanka is an amazing mother and it is terrible sad to see her be the victim of such hate from the left. Liberals will no doubt see this photo and attack her for showing too much affection for her kids. That is what this country has come to.

But she will not let them get in her way. This photo just goes to show us how much she cares about her family. And this is one of the things she had been working on during her time in the White House. She is not scared to fight for the things that she believes in.

(h/t Daily Mail)