Jamie Foxx Talks About Rosie and Others Celebrities Trashing Trump

We have seen the hate that is currently against President Donald Trump and his administration. There are very few things that the left has not tried to lie about. But they are quickly realizing that their lies will not stand. Look at what the media has done to him. They have tried to push this Don Jr. meeting as far as it can go. But the people of this country are having none of it. And now a very unlikely man has started standing up for Trump. Jamie Foxx did an interview recently that really shows the political landscape of the United States.

”Despite who the president is, the soul of America is continually going to be incredible,” Jamie Foxx said. We need to start seeing some more respect for Trump and what he is doing because he really does want to make this country great again.

”When you go outside America and perceive how different nations are run, you will keep running back here,” he went on.

Watch some of the interview:

For the most part, liberals are trying to destroy Trump and his administration in anyway they can. They are not scared to lie and hurt others. The impeachment of President Trump is what their goal is and always has been. CNN and MSNBC constantly attack him and his administration. When will in stop? There has to be some talks in our country about the way our politics is currently being run. Liberals have no excuse for the way they have been treating Trump. They show him no respect and it is truly disgusting.

When a person from Hollywood has to come out and protect the president of the United States, then maybe we have a real problem. It should never come to this. Sure, there will be disagreements, but we have to treat people with respect. Eventually, liberals will find out that they cannot touch Trump, no matter how hard they lie (or try).

Jamie Foxx really surprised a lot of people with this interview. Were you surprised to see what he had to say?

(h/t Conservative Tribune)