Karma Goes After Reebok

Politics is everywhere around us, and it’s sad how companies turn themselves into political experts. This is a modern phenomenon, and it’s getting worse every year. Many companies used the inauguration of President Donald Trump to boost their profits. But, Reebok did a terrible mistake, and now it’s time for karma to get things done.

The British company flourishes under Adidas since 2005. But, it seems like they weren’t satisfied with the profits, and decided to do a little politics. Getting involved into the world of politics is the worst thing a company can do. Reebok used the President’s comments on the French First Lady, Brigitte Macron. She is 24 years older than her husband, and President Trump just complimented her. That’s pretty much everything he did, and Reebok tries to create a whole game out of it.

Does this mean that complimenting a gorgeous woman is a bad thing? President Trump was just trying to be polite, and Reebok is just trying to earn a few more bucks.

The Internet went on fire, and everyone condemned Reebok’s move. People can’t understand the reasons Reebok had to accuse someone of complimenting a woman’s good shape. Others claim to have missed the “Reebok chart on how Bill Clinton should treat women in the Oval Office.” this is worse in so many levels, and the company is already losing some of its customers. Bashing the President of the United States is the last thing a person should do.

This is not the first time someone tries to raise profits by criticizing President Trump. We’re used to games like this, and it’s more than obvious that the British company was trying to cell a few more running shoes. Well, it takes a lot more than just mocking a foreign president. This is the most desperate move we have ever seen lately, and maybe Reebok will apologize.

What do you think about Reebok’s chart? Do you think their profits will drop after mocking President Donald Trump? How will American people react to this? Will Democrats use the opportunity to go hard against the President?

(h/t The Independent)