President Trump Opens A “Made In America” Themed Week

Democrats may think that President Donald Trump is only interested in travelling abroad and meeting other leaders. But, President Trump has already sealed a few great plans in his head. This time, he decided to share his latest idea, and it’s now official. We can only imagine the reactions from the other side. Guess who won’t like any of it…

President Trump used his last intercontinental trip to create a powerful strategy, and help our country get the attention it deserves. America is a leading power in the world, and it mothers the greatest heroes the world has ever seen. That’s why President Trump decided to honor his own people, and give them a reason to celebrate for three weeks.

This is a clear sign that President Trump won’t let Muslims to take over, and bring their Sharia law in our institutions. America will be great again, and President Trump is already working on it. We’ve seen him working for the well-being of us all. Our country is on a good way to restore its power.

Most Muslims came here to plant their hate and kill innocent people. President Trump was well aware of the dangers Muslims bring, and decided to ban their entrance. But, Democrats were here to stop him, and they actually gave green light to all the terrorists who planned to bomb anything in the US.

But, President Trump didn’t stop here. He cancelled this year’s celebration of Ramadan, and broke Obama’s tradition of hosting a special dinner for Muslims. President Trump is ready to combat the “religion of peace,” and send it back to its roots.

the White House is ready to start off the three-week celebration, and honor special groups. Each weak has its own meaning, and President Trump thought that a “Made in America” themed week could be an excellent way to mark the beginning of the marvelous celebration.

Each state will create crafts and items, and these will be on display at a showcase hosted by the White House. According to Helen Ferré, the first week will honor “the amazing American workers and companies who have products that are made in America.” The first week will be followed by “American Heroes” week and “American Dream” week.

What do you think about this? Do you think President Trump did the right thing? Do you support this celebration?

(h/t The Daily Caller, ABC News)