Rosie Calling For Trump’s Assassination

Liberals have been looking for anyway to get President Donald Trump out of office. That means they are willing to do some pretty disgusting things. Things that no one should ever do to the president of the United States. Their goal is to get Trump impeached and if that means spreading lies about him, that is exactly what they will do. But there are some liberals who are far worse than others. We saw what Kathy Griffin did and how the nation responded. It was obvious that she had some major hatred for Trump and his family. Now, Rosie O’Donnell has been getting more involved as well.

As you can see from the tweet above, Rosie is now calling for the virtual assassination of President Donald Trump. And we all know that this will eventually turn into real violence against conservatives around the country. It always does. Have liberals already forgotten what happened at the GOP baseball game. That was not long ago and they have already moved on.

People all over Twitter were less than pleased. If seems like they knew right off the bat that she has gone too far this time. Liberals have to know that they cannot continue on with this hate against the president. This could be seen as a direct threat against his life which is a crime. Hopefully that is how they will see it.

The left has made it their goal to make Trump look bad. If that means they have to lie and say fraudulent things to do it, they will do it. There is no respect between the liberals. Trump and his administration have been working hard to make the safety of Americans a top priority in this nation. It seems like something needs to be done before they take it yet another step in the wrong direction.

What do you think about her latest tweet?

(h/t Daily Caller)