Did Mohamad Noor Kill Justine Damond?

Barack Obama wanted us to believe that Muslims are her to learn more about our country. Truth is, Muslims are here to take over. They don’t want to assimilate. It’s more than clear that they are trying to turn into the greatest force in the world. Thanks to Obama, their dreams can easily become true. How much do you actually know about the Sharia law?

President Donald Trump had the perfect plan to keep Muslims away from our country. He didn’t want them to bring their Sharia law here. That would be the greatest disaster of all times. According to this law, rape victims can’t raise charges against the attacker, and gay people can be killed without being charged. What kind of law is this?

Muslims are turning into a global issue, and radical extremists are using the refugee wave to infiltrate in every country in the world. This could be the worst thing that has happened to the modern world, and innocent people die every day.

The Muslim wave spreads easily, and the Islamic soldiers are given the opportunity to work like doctors, politicians, judges, and police officers.

Do you know the story of Justine Damond? Justine was a yoga instructor, and she was killed on July 15th in a back alley on W. 51st Street, somewhere between Washburn and Herxes avenues.

The blonde American woman called 911 because she knew that a man accosted another person right behind her home. Justine came out of her house wearing pajamas, and tried to speak to the police. But, Mohamad Noor shot her dead. There was no explanation behind his move, and Americans are already raging.

Noor played his little game, and said he was “spooked.” Well, he forgot to mention that there were two other police officers waiting in the car. Justine was in her pajamas, for God’s sake! The report says that there was no weapon at the scene. So, why did Noor ditch his gun if he feared for his life? there is something shady here.

“If a blonde cop killed a Muslim, we would all be raked over the coals. There would be marches and calls for sharia legislation and god knows what,” Pamela Geller argued.

What do you think about the murder of Justine Damond? What was the real reason behind it?

(h/t Pamela Geller)