Somali Policeman Who Shot Woman Makes Admission

Liberals have been trying to wage war on the police officers in this country for far too long. There is no way we can continue to let them get away with this kind of hate for the people that are here to protect us. But now there has been something that happened that should open some questions about what is really going on. A woman in Minneapolis called the police because she trusted that they would be there to help. The night ended in her death and many unanswered questions. The following investigation has been sweeping the nation as of late as concerned citizens want the truth.

Justine Damond was a first class resident and bride-to-be. But her life had a sudden end. Very little is known about what exactly happened that night, but some things are starting to come in. They are not exactly looking good for the officer involved. Officer Mohammed Noor was the officer that fired the deadly shot. Damond ran for their help. As she knocked on the passenger side window to explain her situation, Noor reached for his firearm and shot her once in the abdomen, killing her instantly.

There have been some problems in the Minneapolis community recently. The area has been flooded with Somali Muslim refugees that are here for no good reason. They want to come here to force their beliefs down American throats. But citizens are fighting back and they are not going to back down from their hate.

Both of the officers’ body cams were turned off at the time. This could violate some laws.

“This violation of policy thwarted the public’s right to know what happened to Ms. Damond and why the police killed her,” Teresa Nelson said. “The two officers broke the policy not only when they did not activate the body cameras before the incident, but also when they failed to do so after the use of force.”

We will be finding out more as time goes on but this cannot be put to the side once again. We need to demand answers, just like Noor is “demanding respect.”

(h/t Daily Mail)