Archbishop Condemns Pope Francis Ideals

Pope Francis has proven himself to be a very liberal man. Regardless of his position within the Catholic church, this man is not in it for the Christian values that he has vowed to protect. In fact, he has done just the opposite of that, telling Christians around the world to be more accepting of the liberal ideals that have hurt us so much. Despite what some people say about the Pope, there is no doubt that this man might not have his Catholic values in check and some people are starting to call him out on it. And not just any people. They are high ranking members of his own church.

Archbishop Charles Chaput has been one of the outspoken leaders to come out against Francis. Not too long ago, Pope Francis approved an article that was written for La Civilta Cattolica. This article went into detail on how American Christians are not doing enough to help others in our country. The article then goes on to detail the fact that many American Christians still have conservative values, something that is apparently not okay with the Pope.

Chaput goes on to explain that he is not okay with the fact the Pope Francis seems to think that liberals are the only ones in this world. He has proven himself to be against of the conservative ideals that this world held for so long. Now, the liberals really do think that they are winning this battle. But that is far from the case and the election of President Donald Trump proves just that. It is sad that liberals think they can do this.

The Archbishop goes on to call out Pope Francis for not holding onto the values that he is supposed to be protecting. He has turned his back to Christians around the world and it is truly sad to see. It is good to see someone here that will stick up for Christians in the United States because the Pope sure isn’t going to. Unfortunately, we have a very long way to go before this is all over.

(h/t Right Edge)