Chelsea Clinton Goes Against Lisa Boothe

Chelsea Clinton seems to be fine with the pending lawsuit. She decided to ignore the dark dot on her reputation, and tried to defend her mother Hillary Clinton. Fox News host Lisa Boothe decided to make a great comment, and Chelsea went crazy. She stood on her mother’s side, but we already know the way things work in the Clinton family.

Boothe said that Hillary Clinton would “sell her own daughter to be president.” Well, Chelsea should think twice before she makes any comments about her mother. Twitter users would definitely agree on this one. We all know the motherly side of Hillary. She never saw herself as a mother. All she did was trying to create the perfect image of her being a successful politician.

The Five co-host said that Hillary would use whatever comes her way to get inside the White House. We can’t do anything but agree with her. Americans are well aware of Hillary’s “great” personality, and Chelsea shouldn’t be offended at all. We know that Hillary is her mother, but this can’t change the fact that she is a lying criminal. Get over this, Chelsea.

“We’ve also seen so much self-righteous indignation to people that have no business being self-righteous. I absolutely love the fact that Robby Mook is talking about this,” Boothe said. “He literally worked for the most soulless person on this planet who would literally sell her daughter to be president,” she added. Chelsea Clinton snapped.

“No, she wouldn’t. I’ve never doubted & always known I was the most important part of her life. Now as a mom I’m even more grateful to my mom,” Chelsea tweeted. Well, her tweet is sort of fake, and Chelsea seems to be unaware of her mother’s true interests.

Twitter fans decided that it’s time for Chelsea to learn the truth about her mother, and triggered an avalanche of comments.


What do you think about the comment Boothe made? Do you think Hillary Clinton will come out with her own statement? How will Democrats interpret Boothe’s words? Will this turn into a scandal?

(h/t Mediaite)