CIA Official Has New Evidence On Obama

IT is sad to see the hate that came from the former administration. They did everything they could to hurt this nation in anyway possible and we are just now seeing the full consequences of their actions. President Donald Trump has been trying to push back some of the Obama policies that hurt this nation, but he will surely need help from anyone that is willing. Conservatives have to be ready to stand up and fight for Trump and his administration. But now he has some help. A former CIA official has come out and put a bomb in Obama’s pocket with what she just said.

Obama was never in it for the people of the United States. There is no excuse for what he did. Now we are seeing just how far this man was willing to go. Clare Lopez is one of the few people that is willing to say what she said about Barack Obama. We know that he was into some pretty bad stuff. But maybe we didn’t know just how far this man was willing to go to hurt the American people. He continually lied to his own people.

Lopez thinks that the Obama administration had been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. This is some very bad news and something has to happen so that we can further look into exactly what happened. There is something about the way that this man operates that sends shivers down our spines. What a sad day to hear that our own former president took steps to welcome terrorists into our own backyard.

We know that Obama was willing to do anything to make himself look at good as possible. But this takes it to a whole new level. There is absolutely no excuse for the way he treated the American people. The American people showed the world that they were tired of being lied to by electing Donald Trump as their leader.

The United States is in much better hands with Trump at the helm. Nobody could trust Obama while he was in the White House.

(h/t DCC)