Congress Gives Charlie Gard Legal US Residency

The legal struggle that has been ensuing on the Charlie Gard case has seen unprecedented. The case has been getting attention worldwide because of the United Kingdom’s inability to come up with a good solution for everyone involved. Charlie got a death sentence by the UK’s court. This is a doing of the failure of the country’s healthcare system. It is currently in shambles and we are seeing why. The baby Gard has been getting offers from doctors from all over the world in an effort to save the sick child. So far, the offers have done nothing to help as the parents need permission from United Kingdom doctors. Legal residency in the United States could change that.

Congress has been trying to come up with a solution that will help Charlie Gard. He has not sen fair treatment and deserves the right to live. The courts took that away from him and his parents are fighting back hard. This was a good move by the United States because it gives the family some leverage on what they can do. This is the exact problem that we face with a socialist healthcare system.

It is very sad to see the the United Kingdom did to this family. We need to start seeing some better decisions being made on this case because we have not seen that so far. This is the kind of healthcare that liberals want to force on America. They think that this is how it works. Do we see innocent babies dying in the United States because they do not have healthcare? Not like this. Britain knows that they have a problem here.

Maybe they do not have the treatment that Gard needs, but the United States does and is willing to do anything for him to get it. Socialism will give us more things like this. Liberals have no idea what they are talking about when they say they want a single payer system like in Europe. There is a reason all of those countries are broke.

What are your feelings on this infamous case?

(h/t Young Cons)