Liberals Defend Noor

America was left in panic after Mohamed Noor killed Justine Damond. The tragedy attracted everyone’s attention, and Americans are furious after the story of Damond filled headlines across the country. People blame Minnesota for hiring the Somali Muslim. The state allowed him to join the police, and Noor failed to accomplish his main task. Instead of serving this country, he killed an innocent Americans.

Let’s go to the liberal side of our country. Liberals have always defended Muslims, and they even went against President Donald Trump. The President came with the perfect plan to keep Muslims away from our country, and protect his people. But, liberals thought that our country doesn’t need “Trump’s travel ban.” This was the worst decision ever, and terrorist used the green light to cross the US border.

Damond’s murder is a clear sign that Muslims aren’t here to assimilate. They’re here to take over, and plant their Sharia law in every institution in the country. Noor did a terrible mistake. Well, we can’t really say that killing an innocent person is actually a mistake. Noor knew what he was doing, and killed Damond. This happened right after she called the police. Instead of helping her, the Muslim cop shot her.

But, liberals decided that it would be a smart decision to defend Noor. They forget that officer Harrity was also there. He saw everything. Harrity was driving the police car. When Damond called 911, they were covering the area, and went to check her up. Damond tried to report an assault, but instead of helping her, Noor shot her.

Liberals were pretty worried about the scandal. But, they didn’t defend Damond. Moreover, they weren’t quite interested in why Damond was killed. Liberals are only worried about the possible backlash towards Muslims. They seem to ignore the fact that Muslims hate Americans. They will do whatever it takes to take over.

What do you think about Damond’s death? Do you think Noor should go in jail for what he did? Why did Noor kill Damond? Is there something behind this story? How will the whole thing end?

(h/t Infowars)