McConnell Surprised Obama – Obamacare Is Brought To An End

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) calls for a complete repeal of Obamacare. This came after the Senate didn’t pass GOPcare 2.0.

Barack Obama will definitely hate every part of McConnell’s ideas, and he is already angry at President Donald Trump and his staffers. The former president fears that his legacy will be brought to an end. Well, he can’t really hope that President Trump will allow his destructive program to keep hurting Americans. Obama did an almost irreversible damage, and it was about time that something like this happens. He was convinced that Hillary Clinton would win the presidential elections in November, 2016, but Republicans came up with a better candidate.

Omabacare was the worst thing that has ever happened to our country. Obama constructed an entire program with the only goal to profit. He made a few big promises, but that was just a massive cover-up. The former president didn’t care about Americans or their healthcare system.

McConnell made a huge announcement right after the GOPcare incident.

“Regretfully, it is now apparent that the effort to appeal and immediately replace the failure of Obamacare will not be successful. So, in the coming days, the Senate will vote to take up the House bill with the first amendment in order being what a majority of the Senate has already supported in 2015 and that was vetoed by then-President Obama: a repeal of Obamacare with a two-year delay to provide for a stable transition period to a patient-centered health care system that gives Americans access to quality, affordable care,” McConnell said.

Many thought that McConnell is trying to play a little game on his colleagues. We know that the anti-Trumps will try to create a different story, and even twist the truth. We can only wait to see the further development of events. Let’s just hope that Obamacare will be gone for good. America deserves a better healthcare system. Americans deserve a better future. Obama is out of the Oval Office, and President Trump will eliminate every bit of his harmful program.

What do you think about the announcement McConnell made? Do you think President Trump will manage to repeal Obamacare?

(h/t CNN, Politico)