The New Hijarbie Is Out In Stores

Have you ever seen a hijarbie? This is the worst thing we have ever seen, and let’s just send a couple of these to every Democrat in the country. Haneefah Adam came up with a “brilliant” idea, and designed the first hijarbie. This is the designer’s idea of representing her own cultural and religious background.

Adam says that her hijarbie is an absolute hit among Muslim girls. “It got me thinking about how I’d actually like to see a doll dressed up like I would have — covered up. I was mulling about the idea for about three months while I was still studying for my master’s degree in the U.K. When I got back to Nigeria, I went to the mall, purchased a doll, dressed it up, documented it and here we are,” Adam said. She came with the idea months ago.

The Muslim style is getting more popular. Does this mean that Muslims are ready to take over our world of fashion, too? Well, we can only wait to see the further development of events. This can’t go on forever. Muslims believe they have the right to do everything.

The Hijarbie is the latest shot Americans received. We are all worried about Adam’s creation. Maybe it’s time for President Trump do to something, and send Muslims to their home countries. We lived in love and peace before Muslims came to the US. Our country was one of the greatest powers in the world, and now it’s the greatest target of Muslims across the world.

President Trump was aware of the whole thing, and signed the executive order to bar Muslims. Democrats made fun of his travel ban, and blocked it. Now people like Adam try to change everything in our culture. We even have a Hijarbie doll sold in American stores! Let’s hope that President Trump will find the right solution to this problem, and promote American fashion. America needs him more than ever. Thank you, Obama, for accepting all those Muslims.

What do you think about Adam’s hijarbie? Would you buy anything like this to your child? How will Americans respond to this “creation?”

(h/t CNN)