Obama Caught Coming Back To American Politics

Barack Obama knows that he is no longer welcomed in the United States. It seems like we have gotten to the point in which Americans are starting to realize what a fraud this man was during his time in office. But liberals and their media refuse to believe that this man had no idea what he was doing. Either that or he knew exactly what he was doing and simply did not care about the consequences. He is used to being able to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants and get away with it no questions asked. He is a fraud and has been from the beginning.

Luckily he is starting to get called out on in by the current administration. President Donald Trump and company have been working hard to give Americans the truth on what was really going on for 8 whole years. There is no excuse for what he did while in the White House and we need answers. Luckily for most Americans, Obama and his family have been on a 6 month long vacation outside of the United States. They have been out of the spotlight for the most part which is just what conservatives wanted.

But that has come to an end. And Obama is currently trying to sneak back into American politics as strong as ever. He wants to start imposing his will on the American people, just like he did for the past 8 years. It has been reported that he has officially jumped right back into politics, holding a fundraiser for his democratic colleagues. This is what conservatives were afraid of. For liberals, Obama is nothing short of a god.

This does not even being into account the speeches that Obama has been giving for enormous amounts of money. For one speech he was paid over $400,000. For one speech! This prompted Congress to start talking about ways they could limit a president’s pension. So far, nothing has been signed into law but look for it in the future. There is no excuse for what Obama has been doing recently. What do you think?

(h/t Daily Mail)