Sarah Huckabee Goes After Reporter

Liberal reporters have been trying to find something that they can do to destroy President Trump ever since he took office. So far, that has not worked out very well for them as we continue to see them lie to Americans on a daily basis. It is sad to see our country come to the point that it is now. They take every opportunity that can get to attack him and his administration and then lie about him on their liberal media outlet. Fortunately there are a few people within the Trump administration that are willing to stick up for themselves.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is one of those people. She has gotten into some spats with reporters on numerous different occasions. They try to take advantage of her but they are quickly realizing that this is not something they can do. They have been trying to ask her some fraudulent questions on the healthcare system and why they want to replace Obamacare. It is obvious that they have no idea what they are talking about.

One reporter tried to trip her up with a question, but she fought back hard. “You are the ones who keep saying that there is going to arrive a point at which the system has failed to such a degree that suddenly, the Democrats will be willing to compromise. So like, what are you envisioning?”

She tried to explain herself by saying, “I cannot imagine, that as Obamacare, as he laid out, goes deeper and deeper off the cliff.”

Then came the smart “you are either off the cliff or not off the cliff. You do not go deeper and deeper off a cliff.”

“The point is Obamacare is simply unsustainable. We have said this a hundred times. It is essentially a dead program in terms of being able to provide the type of healthcare that Americans need and deserve,” Sanders explained.

This is exactly what the liberals do not understand. We cannot take our eyes off of the goal here. Conservatives need to keep moving forward for the American people. This is unacceptable what the liberals are currently doing.

(h/t Boston Globe)