Sean Hannity Goes Hard On GOP

Fox News host Sean Hannity decided to speak his mind about the unsuccessful repeal of Obamacare. The host is well aware of the damage Obamacare caused, and he is worried about the slow progress of its repealing procedure. Hannity “rebuked” Republicans for their inability to repeal and eventually replace Obamacare.

“Pay close attention, if you’re in the D.C. swamp. I have a very important message for you, congressional Republicans. I, and so many of us in the country, have run out of patience with you. You are the do-nothing GOP lawmakers. And up to now, to be very, very honest, and it’s really sad, you’re pretty useless and all you have now is excuses and broken promises,” Hannity said.

The host said that we’ve had enough with this Obamacare nonsense, and lamented about all the Republicans who broke their word and didn’t help President Trump to turn his plans into a real thing. “Enough is enough, when it comes to congressional Republicans breaking their word and failing to deliver. No more excuses: It’s time, the GOP, you either step up and get the job done or get out of Washington,” Hannity explained. Well, we can’t do anything but agree with him. Hannity is right for everything he said, and Americans know that. Maybe he should teach Republicans a couple of things.

Hannity said that Republicans failed to do their job, and the repealing process fell apart in the worst way possible. He mentioned all the broken promises, and we remember each of them.

The Fox News host warned Republicans about this, and their terrible failure. He fears that Republicans played a major role in this big game, adding that they have to face the truth. Hannity believes that Republicans should “get in a room, turn off the air conditioner and sweat like the rest of America.” Well, we’d suggest the same thing. Hannity is right, and Republicans know it.

What do you think about the comments Sean Hannity made on Republicans? Do you agree with him? Do you think this could change the whole procedure? Will Obamacare ever be replaced?

(h/t Mediaite)