Secrets Of Obama Coming To Light Post-Presidency

We know that former President Barack Obama was a liar and a fraud. He was hiding many things during his time in the White House and Donald Trump has been trying to uncover just what went down under the former leadership. Americans were lied to over and over again about the shape that our nation was in. It is very sad to see what Obama did to our nation and we will be fighting back against his horrible policies for years to come. President Donald Trump has already started our path back to success and we are in much better hands.

But now even more secrets are coming out about Barack Obama and what his past was like. There were many things that we did not know as a country before he took office. But it looks like he might not be the perfect man liberals try to make him out to be. According to Pulitzer Prize winning author David Garrow, Obama calls the United States a racist country. He says that we have a lot of work to do if we want to be taken seriously as a major country. That is a joke to put it nicely.

Obama never did try to connect with Americans who needed his help. He was only interested in helping himself. That is one of the major flaws with his administration. They simply did not try to help. And that is not all that Garrow found in digging up some hidden gems on Barack’s past.

Apparently he “told the Jamie Weinstein Show that if any of those revelations he discovered surfaced during Obama’s presidential run in 2008, the former president’s candidacy would have been derailed.”

That should show us a lot about what this man did. He should have never been anywhere near the White House and it was truly a dark time in our nation’s history. As more and more details come in about what Obama did to our nation, we need to think about what President Trump is doing to make it better.

Are you shocked to hear some of the stuff about Obama’s past?

(h/t Politico)