ICE Is Ready To Put Sanctuary Cities Under Control

President Donald Trump is one step ahead of Democrats, and he is using every bit of his experience to make our country great again. He made a few serious promises, and Americans trust him. Our country needed a strong leader, and President Trump is more than a strong person. He is smart, devoted, and caring. He will even solve the problem of sanctuary cities!

President Trump leads the country in the right direction. Living in a modern society is hard, but President Trump knows all the tricks to make our life better. Unlike Obama, President Trump will never disappoint people. He is the right person to lead this country, and already took the challenge to improve the way we live. You won’t even guess his latest move…

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) execs will finally reallocate funds to boost enforcement efforts in “uncooperative jurisdictions” where criminal aliens are “released back in the wild.” Local jail officials gave President Trump the worst headache in his life, but things are already getting better.

Acting ICE Director Thomas D. Homan revealed that he will be deploying more officers and agents to “sanctuary cities.” Their major task will be arresting illegal criminals. President Trump is focused on the problem with illegals who have worked their way out of the law and end up running from law enforcement.

ICE officials are targeting more than 300 sanctuary cities. “In the America I grew up in, cities didn’t shield people who violated the law,” said Director Homan.

It was about time that something like this happens. These cities are going against the President’s will. They’d gladly protect illegal criminals. Why would anyone shield criminals who wander around and use every opportunity to rob someone? This is wrong in so many levels. But, things are already looking better, and every criminal will end up in jail. Illegal criminals belong to jail, and President Trump will clean up the streets.

What do you think about this? Do you support President Donald Trump? How will Democrats react to the latest move he made? Will this improve the current situation in our country?

(h/t Breitbart)