John McCain Gets Showered With Support

It is a very tough day for many conservatives around the country. John McCain has served as a Senator for 30 years and represents millions of people across the United States. It is sad to see him get hit with this news but there is no doubt that he will get through it. Cancer has no idea who it is messing with when it decided to attack John McCain. He is a fighter that will come back from this. Doctors found out that he had brain cancer after he went in to get a blood clot removed that was over his eye. It turned out to be much more than he thought.

People have started to come out in support of McCain. The senator has not always seen eye to eye with President Donald Trump or conservatives but that does not mean he does not deserve our support. He has been serving our country for 3 decades and has done many things that should make conservatives cheer. It was very sad to see him have to go through something like this but at least he will not have to do it alone.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to give his condolences to the McCain family saying that they had his full support. Mike Pence came shortly there after sending similar thoughts their way. At least we are seeing the nation come together a little bit more than usual. It is a nice break from the constant liberal attacks on conservatives around the country. McCain will get through this.

Even Obama and Clinton went to Twitter to offer their support. This is a rare thing to see from liberals who do not usually cross party lines. Maybe this is what it takes for our conservative leadership to start seeing a little bit more respect. Hopefully John McCain can get through this.

(h/t Twitter)